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Default Questions about Philly stations

Any Philly area photogs out there? My wife and I would like to move to the area in about a year to 18 months from now. I figured it's best to start doing research in to the market early. I'm wondering if it's mostly stringers, or full timers. I've got 5+ years at my current station (mid-80's market), and four years of freelance and two other stations before that. Any advice about trying to break in to that area would be greatly appreciated.
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It's bad dude. Most stations are freelance and they pay less and call you in a lot less than they used to. Local News Service is in town and that doesn't help either. The other stations have swap agreements. Not a great place to be a photog anymore for other reasons too--like guys getting attacked and such.
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I found out recently that my ancestry goes back through Philadelphia (was there to witness when they signed the treaty with the Indians). That still doesn't change my belief that the city will one day rust away. There is a great crab place by the mint though. I find it sad that so many of these stations and markets have become burnt out shells of what they used to be.
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Its a great place to work and live. Shortly, only 2 stations will be utilizing LNS: CBS and Fox. I don't know who swaps and haven't heard of photographers being attacked.
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