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For studio work digibeta was a workhorse. SP was great too, but digi really took things to the next level. Those machines were pretty much the standard for studio and sports around here. I think SX was more popular with news, but I never did much with it myself.

In one facility I worked at, we would re-use tapes constantly. Tapes would get re-used at least 2x a week due to volume. On sports trucks too, we'd come in and black tapes and then use them again on a daily basis.

3/4 was okay for it's time, but not very durable or user friendly. I was never a fan of DVcam or DVCPro, although for the field they were great due to size.

1" was great for facilities too. When properly maintained they put out out great video for decades. And there's something about threading up those big machines and cutting reels down.

I'm not really certain about max number of passes though, as we never kept track. If a tape started to produce errors we threw it out.
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