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How about starting something called The Makayla Foundation.
A support group for the children who are victims of domestic violence?

My best friend (girlfriend) is a domestic violence counsellor and deals with the female victims of abusive and violent relationships. The way things work (sadly) is the wife and kids are removed to a safe house (and the A$$hole perpetrator is 'free'). During this time, the kids are really badly affected.

Typically down under, the perpetrator is a male (if he had the balls to be called male) and gets his jollies by beating up his wife/girlfriend. Unfortunately, even though the Police do a great job in making his life difficult, the Woman and Kids (note the capital letters) need to move to a safer location.

So, while the mum and kids are safe from his violence, they are in a state of crisis;

What The Makayla Foundation could do is help these kids out by helping them try to relax. Movie tickets, trips to the zoo, even McDonalds; Anything to help them realise they are not to blame for what has happened in their lives. Anything to put a little sparkle back.

The Foundation would offer their support through the Domestic Violence counselling service, so the individual case workers can apply the help where and when it really is needed. That way you would only have to worry about one point of contact, and then organise sponsorship - by "in kind support" and government grants to spread the service from the town to nationwide.

This way, Makayla will still be helping to spread her good cheer to other kids.

Just a thought.


By the way Jim, feel free to PM me if you need someone to talk to.
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