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Default AVCHD Work flow


I hope everyone is safe and doing well with the weather lately.

I have a question about AVCHD work flow.

I'm shooting on a Canon C-100, it makes nice pictures.

I'm editing on a Mac Book Pro with Premiere CC.

I understand the whole "bring the whole card into your computer" and just import what you need into Premiere.

That works fine and all when I'm on a new project and the card is clean.

Today, for example, I had a quick shoot to get a few pick up scenes for a project, and was shooting on a card that already has media on it that I'm not ready to dump.

I can't just pick todays scenes off of the card, so I bring the whole card back into my current project. Now I have 30 minutes of media I don't want in this project and Its talking up more space on my hard drive.

How do I dump what I don't need from the folder I created today?

I put this up on Creative Cow, and only got replies that tell me to dump the whole card to your computer.

Your Thoughts??

Thank you as always.

Joey Hess
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