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Originally Posted by Necktie Boy View Post
Burning the files to data DVD defeats the purpose of using cards...and speed.
That's very true. I'll have to see what the stations want and go from there. If they want to just dump the files directly off my card, that's cool too. I'll try to email some chiefs tomorrow during the day and ask 'em what would work best.

Originally Posted by Necktie Boy View Post
I believe that not all zooms lens are parafocus(I think that is the correct term). Some will not hold focus through the zoom. Someone with more DSLR experience can jump in.
Yeah this one seems to have that problem but I use manual focus anyway, so it's just a quick turn of the lens to get it back into focus. I don't zoom while shooting unless I need to get something up close now. My usual method is to frame the shot, focus it, then roll on it for 8-10 seconds and then move on to the next one. Much of what I'll be shooting will be short, still clips - about the only time the camera will be rolling for more than 10 seconds at a time will be when I need to shoot some action happening or during the sound bite. Again, zooming while rolling will be avoided unless I really need to do it.

Originally Posted by Necktie Boy View Post
How are you going to handle audio?
This afternoon after work I got a Rode shotgun video mic specifically designed for use with DSLR's. The very helpful folks at FotoForum here in Phoenix hooked me up with it after asking me what I was trying to record. I can keep it mounted on the camera for nat sounds on scene and then when getting a soundbite I can take it off the camera and hold it like a normal shotgun mic. It also has a low pass filter built in to cut out rumbling noises which will really help on noisy scenes. I think it's going to work beautifully. I'll need to switch from the zoom lens to the wide angle I have when getting sound though, so that'll be a bit of a nuisance. But sound usually happens at the end after all the scene footage is shot, so it won't be too bad. It'll just take me an extra few seconds to switch out lenses while I wait for sound - not a show stopper by any means.

Went out for a couple hours tonight hoping to get lucky, but as luck would have it, the city was pretty quiet and I came home empty handed. I'll be glad to post a link to what I get with it when I finally get to put this thing to work for real. I'll spare you guys the test video of my cats I shot the night I got the camera
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