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Originally Posted by CSpotNews View Post

This leads me back to the question of workflow at the station's end. The camera itself shoots each clip as a separate MOV file. I'm thinking for delivery to the stations I will burn them a data DVD that contains a folder for each story I've shot that night, with the individual clips inside. My thinking is that the editor will insert the disc into their NLE computer, access the folder for the story they want to edit together and import the all the clips. From there, it's a simple matter of removing the shots they don't want, resequencing them if needed and then render out to a final MPEG-2 file for broadcast. Am I oversimplifying this or would that work?

Thanks for all the info so far, everyone.
It entirely depends on what NLE they're using, what plug-ins/drivers they have, and what codec they like.
You're oversimplifying by guessing. Call each station you may work with, and ask them exactly how they'd like the files delivered.
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