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So I got the new camera last night and played around a bit with it. Wow, I'm very impressed with the video quality this thing can shoot. It works really well in low light as well as other conditions I'm likely to face and the lens I got for it will really work well for those scenes where the PD wants to keep the media back a long way from the scene. It even has a built in 5x digital zoom that will work for the occasional shot when the lens just isn't long enough (although this comes at a cost of quality, so I will be using that feature sparingly) The form factor will work fine for everything except sound bites. I think I will need to get (or build) some sort of handle I can attach the rig to so I can hold it comfortably in one hand while holding the mic in the other. Other than that, it's going to work beautifully. Where was this thing 15 years ago? I could have saved myself about 6 grand on gear.

This leads me back to the question of workflow at the station's end. The camera itself shoots each clip as a separate MOV file. I'm thinking for delivery to the stations I will burn them a data DVD that contains a folder for each story I've shot that night, with the individual clips inside. My thinking is that the editor will insert the disc into their NLE computer, access the folder for the story they want to edit together and import the all the clips. From there, it's a simple matter of removing the shots they don't want, resequencing them if needed and then render out to a final MPEG-2 file for broadcast. Am I oversimplifying this or would that work?

Thanks for all the info so far, everyone.
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