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It's not about give and take, it's about mutual respect.

Some of the cops in my area know that we're only there for enough shots to tell the story. Some will try to give us enough access to do our jobs so that we're out of their hair that much quicker... that makes both parties happy. Others, not so much.

Approaching a scene, I'll normally shoot enough to cover my ass, then go back for nice tripod-steady shots. And depending on the department, some officers are penalized if they're seen without their hat on. So I'll ask them nicely to put their hats on or just be out of "that" area that I'm shooting for a minute or so. 90% of the time they're quite happy you asked. The other 10% freak out and kick me unnecessarily far from the scene (really officer, this whole block I'm standing on suddenly became a crime scene because you decided it to be? ok, you're the law and I can't argue with that... and thus shooting earlier to cover my ass,) and guess what - they'll be on TV tonight strolling around without their hats on. Same thing if I have a cruiser in my shot and I see that there's a sandwich or coffee, just ask politely that, "I need to use the cruiser in my shot, could you move the sandwich..."

We're not there to find something they're doing wrong*... but if they unnecessarily rough up someone, well then hell ya I'm rolling on it - just like they'd pull me over if they catch me running a red.

* yes I know there's that type of officer that'll tail you for miles because they know that eventually you'll do something they can ticket you for.. going over the speed limit, stopping past the stop line, etc. etc. But there's bad apples in every organization, including us. Which is why you need to work extra hard to earn back the respect that that stringer just lost for the collective whole.

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