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How much money do you want to spend? How will it take to payoff the camera?

If most of your business is chasing news, It seems most stations have gone with JVC's, at least in my market. For semi shoulder, the 7xx series. I haven't been out, but maybe the 8xx series is being used. The smaller 600/650 with the 23x zoom is the other popular camera. You can find the 7xx used. The other news camera seems to the Panny 370, using P2 camera. This is also a 1/3 chip camera like the JVC's.

As for 2/3 Chip cameras, I have only seen them at a top ten market. Sony offers the XDCam HD(PDW) or EX(PMW). On the Panny side, a 2000 and 3000 for news. I may have gotten the models mixed up. Someone can job in and correct me on that.

If you have happy with the form factor of the 150, Sony offers the X70. Maybe Paul will jump in since he is using one for news gathering. There are a few small cameras coming out that can do 4k, but it may be an overkill for news. Heck, we still don't have many programs in 4k. As you remember, it took local news forever to go HD.

For me, I was shooting on a 2/3 SD taped based camera for sports. Since it was 2/3's it rez up pretty nice for a SD camera. Just picked a Sony PXW-FS7 camera for production shooting. No news for this camera.
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