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Default And so....

Here's the pinout:

I sent several emails, and got a few back. Sony says the part is only 228 dollars, and the item is:

CN-1176 > attaches to HN-252 (1pc A-8317-758-A o MOUNTED CIRCUIT BOARD, HN-252)

1pc A-8274-768-A o MOUNTED PWB, CN-1176
Unfortunately, I don't think it's bisexual, but a female. They have no idea what the mate would be. Neither does TE.

AJA says:

The C10PS accepts a parallel component digital signal at either 27Mhz, 14.3 Mhz , or 17.7 Mhz
It converts these 3 formats to 270mb (D1), 143mb (D2), and 177mb (D2) respectively.
If the SX machine has one of these parallel outputs it could work for you.
So, I continue to hunt for a mate with flyleads.

OH - I got it running today. Back focus wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It's not a bad picture even via the test out.

The wide end of the lens is still awful narrow. I thought 9mm (comparing to what I know from the still world) would be borderline fish eye.

Heads are in great shape! Tracks well.

Far as power, I just soldered a long cigarette lighter plug. (shrugs). I'll build out a battery for it soon. I'll buy one of those dead battery packs, and shoehorn whatever I come up with. Maybe throw another vee adapter on the back to hang my battery pack from.

That's where I am at for now. Oh, and gotta find someone who knows lens archaeology, I need to adjust out my iris and zoom sensor, and not sure which pot in the lens handle to crank.

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