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I got to wondering if the camera does have digital tap out? $6300 bucks for the adapter is a high price. I wonder if the AD-DA was in the adapter. The adapter just tapped an analog component signal? And wondering if audio was in the SDI stream? Maybe the adapter added audio to the stream?

With that said, I found a thread that asked if Blackmagic cards supported SMPTE 260M. They don't! Without additional reading, even if you do manage to tap out a digital signal, maybe nothing will accept it.

Another direction to go in is to find the portable recorder/player that Sony made for SX. They were well hated, but may be cheaper than finding an adapter or hacking. I don't even remember the model numbers for the decks. Can't even say what the inputs/outputs are on the deck.

The version 2 had better chips....Like a BVW-400a.

If you check my earlier post, I did mention the PDW-510. I belive that is what Cameragod was talking about. I don't know if the PDW-530 was released at the same time. The 530 records at a higher bit rate than the 510. Recording to disc is really nice for a number of reasons....Cost is about the same for tape. The disc can be put on a shelf. It can be access nonlinear. I believe at the same time, Panny released P2.

Keep us informed!
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