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thanks for all the help! My google-fu is usually strong, and so I already snarfed the rv. 5 op man and the rev.3 1st ed maint man part one. I found where a guy listed parts 2-1 and 2-2, but I don't want to make a donation to his cause to get them, so I'll keep searching.

Since the last post, I've found out that sony refers to the connection as the "Digital Component Parallel Port". It does indeed blarp out 8 bit 4:2:2 as well as signals for tally, vtr, audio, etc.
Now, I gotta identify that connector physically.
I spent some time, and found some digital parallel to serial video chips, and I even found a non-oem DCP to SDI box (Miranda DVC-100/120), but honestly, I'd like 40 pin to firewire at this point.
Then, I can either shoot on beta, run back to the truck and jack into the system and upload, or come out of the 40 pin into either a card or a drive. Pretty sexy!
I also found a standard for this protocol, (SMPTE 260M), but didn't find a doc that explained it in the time I had left yesterday.

Version II? Hm, now I have another thing to keyword search. I didn't find much on searching betacam SX.

I did find this:

It doesn't list SX as an approved shooter, but it DOES want the master in SX. That was just 6 years ago. Oh, I found where someone referred to SX as SuX. LOL!!

As a way to say thanks, I have clipped several pinouts in the docs I've acquired, and I will post them in the newbie section soon as I can, maybe they will help someone else.

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