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I have seen so many Digital Betacam for sale at killer prices. The problem is that some are just 4:3 or don't have the SDI option. SX is even rarer to see for sale. In my area, only one station used SX. I do believe that CBS went into that format when it came out, but not too sure.

I hear you on the smaller cameras. A XL1 is a pain to use. My concern with small cameras is where to hang the wireless and battery for the light. But we may have to change our styles. The PMW-200 is a good example. It still lack real estate, but the chips are okay, and the recorder format is good.

If you could find the SDI out board, then I think you could use a NanoFlash for recorder. The Nano could still be used with other cameras or even a stand alone recorder/playback deck.

Even adding a Nano, you have spent about $2k for the unit, and then few more bucks for the cards. You don't say if how much you paid for your camera, but it must have been a screaming deal. My buddy scored on an used JVC-750 for $5k. It only had about 10 hours on it. The two weakness on that camera is the VF and deal pixels. Still don't understand how a new camera has dead pixels.

My SD camera does have a firewire, and my laptop does, too. I even have a little camera to use as a feeder in the field.

I don't remember where the 40 pin connector is. If I remember correctly, the SDI board is the same for SX and for Digital Betacam. I would check around with the used equipment dealers.

The other cameras to look for is Sony PDW-510. It's disc based with a fire wire, and USB(?) to transfer footage. Still a 16:9 SD camera, but tapeless. I have seen those as long as $4k with a lens.

Good luck on your project.
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