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Not really. I get crazy deals all the time. God takes care of me! I was kinda down until I could get back home and fire it up... that thing is AWESOME! I got a 702 service manual coming to see what that 40 pin does, so that's next.

I'm not happy shooting on what I call palmcorders. I have one consumer one (DCR?), and used to use an XL1 quite a bit. My hands shake too much for those. I haven't seen any rube goldberg contraption that seems to make one really shoulderable, but if you float through the amateur filmmaker sites, they certainly have a lot of ideas.

I woulda just bought a SP, several people around here use that and digibeta. All the solo talent here drag around what I want to say are similar to the DVX type.

Besides, if you're at the right place and time, they take phone videos all the time here. Sorry if I am coming off like I think I'm sounding, but I think as long as I can find a good way to get something out, I'm gonna be ok.

My plan was to come out of the thing into a DVR taped to the back, then into the laptop via firewire or usb even. I never really planned on shooting tape. Wouldn't an expresscard adapter knock out that problem?

Thanks for taking the time to respond though. They don't make a fullsized card/disk unit that comes complete used in the $200 range though, do they?

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