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Matt...pretty good job on this one. I'll take it that you again want to know how to "jazz" this up a bit? Well, there's a few things you coulda done. Especially with airplanes or cars or trucks that we are doing an investigations on...I try and get those frame in to frame out type shots so I can pull in graphics on the back end like they are "following" the vehicle or plane...especially with text only graphics. Its a nice look when they are moving fast because you can use them as wipes too and that sort of thing to help with pacing. Also...again take a second to really think how you can formulate a graphical theme for these types of stories as well. I woulda used the arrival/departure board to have done some stuff graphically too. Ask the graphics department to help with that. Its not bad but you just need to start crafting better the use of graphics. It took me awhile but eventually if you watch enough of others people's stuff you'll get ideas.
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