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Do you know if your boss is looking at the URSA Mini, the URSA Mini Pro or the URSA Broadcast?

I've had the URSA Mini 4.6K for a year and aside from the fact I bought it a month before the Pro came out I @#$%ing love this camera.
The Pro is better for ENG because of the built in ND filters and outside switches. That aside the Mini is good for me.
Haven't had a look at the Broadcast but hear good things.

Cons. Only 2 tracks of audio. No auto levels so you need to be careful. It seems heavier than it is because it looks small for its waight.
That's about it. There are issues with product quality but no worse than Cannon or Panasonic.

The biggest problem it has is a lot of DSLR warriors with no ENG experience have reviewed it and declared its no good for ENG.

The Low light thing is a bit BS from shooters who don't remember the Beta SP days. You can't gain your way out of trouble but there is plenty for most situations. If you are really stuck (I was shooting a murder scene on a moonless night and the only light was the park lights on the police cars) you can bump up the shutter speed or even lower the frame rate.

Blackmagic cameras are beautiful pictures without post but even better if you have time to grade them.

Honestly I can't recommend enough. In the hands of an experienced ENG cameraman these cameras are a fantastic tool, just not very forgiving to beginners or those who don't take the time to learn the cameras strengths

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