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Default Not Alaska

Not Alaska, but North Dakota. Back in the day that is. Betacams.

Maybe things were better built back then but we routinely shot outdoors at -10 with wind chills down to -30 and had no issues except for cold fingers. I heard about a -35 day where a camera locked up. Only time I have heard of it. We did not have the heavy insulated camera coats Run&Gun mentioned, just the standard blue canvas porta-brace covers.

More recently (2013 I think) I had multiple Sony EX3s out all day in -15 degree weather. No issues til end of day when condensation hit when bringing gear inside. Very sweaty camera.

Im surprised the 0-20 degrees is a concern. Do you have a camera case or rain jacket? Have you tried hand-warmers inside that? Gaff tape them to the body to stabilize heat loss.
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