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Default Making a v-5000 work again or-- the curse of the capacitors and how to fix...

Many Sony Cameras of this era had
problem with bad capacitors...

I have a couple of 2 ccd ED-BETA cameras ( ED BETA is Beta SP carts run at Betamax speed... really a fun camera and has interchangeable lenses like a BVP5 or 7 and had the advantage of recording for a hour on a tape.

Anyway I digress.... this camera as the V-5000 generally needs help and you can check this fellows website for rebuild info.

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Originally Posted by MikeW View Post
Back in the day, I shot with a Sony V-5000, the coolest camera I ever owned. Lately, I have been going through some of my old show. Problem is my Hi8 tapes seem to be getting fragile. Two tapes snapped already. The two ends are inside the cassette.

Has this happened to anyone here? Is there anything I can to keep it from happening again? What do you recommend as a repair?

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