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Default filmic look techniques when shooting 30p

When we are shooting "creative b-roll" with prime lenses.
We shoot on Canon C300 (original model)
Sometimes the client's want 1080/29.97p as a more filmic look even though when it is broadcast it is 720/60p on the network.
We will sometimes use a tripod & prime lenses for this "creative b-roll" and try to use f/2-f/2.8 and go with a 1/48th second shutter speed for motion artifacts similar to shooting 23.98fps with standard 1/48th shutter.
Sometimes we will lower the black gamma for more contrast and "crushed blacks". We choose our camera profile and bake it in with whites clipping at 100% IRE broadcast legal as The client doesn't want to do color correction/grading. Sometimes we reduce sharpness in the Custom Profile.
Sometimes we use Nikon stills vintage prime telephoto lenses like a 180mm and put some christmas lights in the background for huge globes of spherical highlights.

I was wondering do others do these things also?

Other than starting to use a slider for Left-Right trucking or forward-backward dolly in/out camera moves would you share any other tricks/techniques for a more filmic-look when you have to stick to the producer's format of 1080/30p using a Super-35mm sensor camera?


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