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Default Oh God. its back

Im back.

And back to stringing.

I was successful in gaining full time employment with a local station, but the shenanigens of staff leave me in astonishment.

One camera member sabotages equipment. That is, he would go out to YOUR truck and reset every button on the camera he could. Swap full batteries for flat and then if you slipped out during an edit, come into the suite and rearrange clips or hide discs. then tell you in front of others that you are incompetent.

Absolute insanity.
Then I found out he is a pedo and goes on child 'tours' to Thailand...
And so is his boss at head office.

Shortly afterwards... Im out of a job because "i didnt have satisfactory work performance".

Im glad Im out of that cesspool, and the pay? MINIMUM WAGE, and that is working ten days straight on call.

So, I am back stringing, loving it, and Chiefs of Staff love my work... Oh... and my stuff airs before the cesspools!

And I earn more money.
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