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Originally Posted by cameragod View Post
Great camera, horrible menu. Bites you in the ass because of some mad setting berried deep in there.
Not if you take advantage of the advanced features the camera offers:

1) Anyone can create their own custom User Menu on the FS7 that will suit their own needs perfectly. It just takes a few minutes.

2) You can create ALL Files that will instantly reset every menu on your camera to your own personal default settings, which is essential if anyone has had their hands on the camera since you used it last.

3) You can hit the Status Button and scroll through about seven pages of information that summarizes nearly all the settings on the camera without looking at individual menus. Makes it quick and easy to check all the settings that might bite you in the ass. Takes about 10 seconds to do a preflight check.

4) The displays in the viewfinder can be customized and turned on and off to suit your preferences. There aren't too many settings on the camera that can bite you in the ass that can't be displayed there.
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