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Originally Posted by Baltimore Shooter View Post
There's emotional injuries. If he sees or encounters that cop or any other cop again, who knows what might happen to this guy's psyche...he might be afraid of all cops from now on. What's to stop the cop's buddies from pulling the guy over in his private car and hasseling him or giving him a ticket for no reason at all or worse - the cop shoots this guy dead and plants a gun in this guy's hand. Think it can't happen? Watch the movie "An Innocent Man", sure the movie is fiction, but I'll bet something like that has happened before.

I don't think you'll need serious physical injuries, emotional damage can be just as tramatic.


All I am saying is you don’t get much in the line of emotional suffering. Take it from a person who is in the mist of a lawsuit involving traumatic and permanent injuries. Judges will not award much if anything to a person claiming emotional injuries.

A lawsuit may teach the cop a lesson but that’s all it will do.
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