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Originally Posted by cameradog View Post
That's certainly no big deal.
Oh, I get it. No big deal -- exactly like your off-topic responses! Yes, I agree.


Back on-topic:

Originally Posted by cameradog View Post
In my experience, cops generally are not interested in an education in this area, because what they learn runs counter to what they WANT to be true. They WANT to be able to tell a photog to turn off his camera. They DON'T want to recognize that they don't have that authority.
I've never had that problem with cops. Save a few that've really helped us out on scenes, I leave them to their business, they leave me to mine.

In your case, it doesn't sound like it's the cops who need the classes. Why are you so intent on claiming each and every cop is intent on making your professional life as difficult as possible? Could it be your stellar attitude?
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