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Originally Posted by A Step Above Productions View Post
We need to focus on the wrong doings of the cop, and how we can educate cops.
We can educate them by suing them.

In my experience, cops generally are not interested in an education in this area, because what they learn runs counter to what they WANT to be true. They WANT to be able to tell a photog to turn off his camera. They DON'T want to recognize that they don't have that authority.

Just as you won't teach a kid in school algebra if he's hell bent on stopping his ears and refusing to learn it, you won't teach cops anything they don't want to learn. You have to make them learn it, by making their understanding of it part of the conditions for keeping their jobs. While they still may not like it, if they understand that they'll likely get reprimanded if they cost the city thousands of dollars, they may think twice before wrenching a camera from a guy's shoulder or smacking somebody's lens.
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