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I frequently receive PDF files with pictures in them. Is there an easy way to copy them out? I've tried following directions to put them on a clipboard, but I can't find the clipboard that they allegedly go to. I work on windows and edit in Adobe Premiere. I wish Adobe would allow PDF files to be imported.

We don't work with Photoshop or After Effects. Just Premiere.


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Do you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat X (not the Reader version)? If so, extracting images is under Tools > Document Processing > Export All Images.

If you just have reader and are allowed to install software on your editor, Nitro PDF reader also can extract images from PDF files with a few clicks. Its free and doesn't come with toolbars and other crap as baggage.

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I was going to say PhotoShop, but saw no PhotoShop.

The clipboard in question should be under User>My Documents, if I remember correctly.

Let me play around in PP, and I will get back to you.

You get get the graphics department to cut out the pictures if you are back at the station.

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Okay, Premiere doesn't see a PDF. So, where are you "copying to the clipboard? I think the copy feature in Adobe Reader is just to be used in the Reader.

MS Paint doesn't see a PDF. Amanda advice sound good. There sound be a handful of free software to do it, but the question is if you are allowed to load software?

It's not Adobe's problem, the sender should be sending you jpegs or another picture format. PDF isn't a picture format.

I usually as for jpegs for pictures.


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Thanks for the advice. I talked to the PIO, I'll have to wait and see on that.

But I did find a work around. If I bring the PDF to the desktop, I can then use the snipping tool in windows to copy the image out. Unfortunately it's a low res bit image, but better than nothing.

thanks for the help.


That's an esay way to do and if you want you can convert the pdf files to word documents. so that you can easily copy the pictures.
I guess there are plenty of pdf opener applications out there. It works like a zip package everything's all packed up and with an application you can extract them all.