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Looking for a program to create a DVD, obviously my resume tape. Doesn't have to be fancy. Was wondering what may be the best program out there. I have Ulead DVD maker now, and it's not my favorite.

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Haven't used Ulead DVD maker, but what don't you like about it?

I have used Nero's free bundle, consisting of DVD burning, Editing, and Picture Editing,. Nothing to write home, but it does the job.

Sounds like you are on a PC? There should be a handful of free versions of DVD Burning software out there.

Since I have the Adobe Suite, I use Encore. You cut the video on Premiere Pro timeline, and send it to Encoder to burn. I don't create a menu. The DVD starts up when you put it the player. No setting to set. Just name the DVD and burn it. But you can't get Encore by itself.


I burn my DVDs at work with either IDVD or compressor

You could just put your reel online and save some postage.
I have noticed that a lot of places are now accepting reels online.
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