Avid NewsCutter 10


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At the station I'm working at now, in-house they still have NewsCutter 9, but in the trucks they just upgraded to Newscutter 10. It's almost the same, but one thing I'm trying to figure out. In 9 and earlier versions, I was able to adjust the audio levels on an entire row of clips in a timeline by putting an in point in the first clip and an outpoint in the last clip, then in the audio mixer tool, slide the level to where I want it, click a button at the top of the slider for that channel, and then go into the hamburger drop down menu at the top right of the mixer window and click "set level in-out". It doesn't seem to have that feature in version 10, although there is something called "global" in that drop down menu, but I haven't been able to figure that out. Can anyone help with this? Thanks.