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Still doing fine with Beta SP, recently did TLC, Golf Ch., PBS, Travel Ch., CNN, and three corporate shoots. But no ABC. ;>}


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What I find interesting is that of all the uses for 24 fps technology, news should be last on the list...followed closely by sports.

Doesn't matter if it's a DVCAM or HD, it's simply the wrong choice.

24 fps is designed to allow viewers to "suspend belief." You need to see Travis Bickel drive his taxi, not Robert DeNiro...and 24fps is a big part of how that process happens.

Granted, it's getting more and more difficult to "believe" the news, but to adopt a visual style that works contrary to your ultimate goal seems somewhat short-sighted (if not down right clueless).

I agree with thomas, too's assertion that those in charge simply don't have a basic understanding of visual communication, and are just looking for a visual "trick" to cover up for their lack of original ideas.
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