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  1. cameragod

    Super Fast SEQUENCING...

    Nothing says you've run out ideas like gratuitous use of slowmo.
  2. cameragod

    A Whole VJ Category? Really?

    Just think of this as the topic equivalent of us stranding up on the subway to offer you a seat ;)
  3. cameragod

    How have you changed while FORUM has been on hiatus?

    As well as still freelancing I've got a full-time gig with a small production house. What I find interesting is all those skills I learnt to make me better at ENG news coverage are the same skills in demand in production now days. Fast setups quick sequences and edit friendly shooting that...
  4. cameragod

    Resolve new Cut function

    Davinci Resolve 16 comes with a new "cut" feature that they say will mean faster editing for news and doco editors. Amazing software that is free. I've got the paid version that came with my BM URSA Mini. I use it a lot at home but is anyone using it for a news company...
  5. cameragod

    Heading to London

    For a day trip Bath is very cool
  6. cameragod

    Heading to London

    Off the top of my head :)
  7. cameragod

    Heading to London

    My advice would be about 19 years out of date... are you with family or on your own?
  8. cameragod

    Where were you?

    Mine says 2001 but I think that I joined before then and that was the last time the site got an upgrade :)
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    Depends on what they were testing :)
  10. cameragod

    Drone Music Video

    Yeah it turned out the "rehearsal" without generic non-copyright spider hero was the best fly a way for the end animation. :)
  11. cameragod

    Drone Music Video

    So being able to fly a drone seems to be coming more and more important as a skill. I find while I'm not always the best around at actually flying the drone, as a cameraman I am better at getting the shots needed. Some drone operators come back with many minuets of footage but not the one shot...
  12. cameragod

    Yay its back

    Very nice :)
  13. cameragod

    Yay its back

  14. cameragod

    New JVC GY-HM650 for newsgathering!

    JVC just released this product video:
  15. cameragod

    why newspaper video sucks

    I agree with SVP, wikileaks would really beat them up.
  16. cameragod

    Drone journalism takes off

    Remote control helicopter .
  17. cameragod

    Go Pro on RC plane

    Can try to promote, and let everyone play with aerial photography .
  18. cameragod

    What's your fave app?

    My favorite app is Instagram. It's a photo sharing app, and you can manipulate you pic's with different filters and such.